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Our Work

The projects run by YWAFT,  endeavor to restore human dignity and other personal freedoms. And our thematic areas of focus are but not limited to; Environmental conservation, Gender equality, Entrepreneurship and menstrual hygiene management primarily targeting the youth both educated and uneducated aged 13 to 35 on equal gender terms.

Give me

YWAFT works to change the attitude, behavior, mindset, Capacity Building, Pulling out the roots of Poverty and sowing seeds of hope among the Youth in Teso

Tree Planting is how I earn a living

At YWAFT Together, We work to help the youth in communities of Teso to develop the perefect recipe for sustainable success.



Girl Child protection

Economic Empowerment

Equity and Advocacy

Disability Inclusion

Environmental Conservation


Clean Water

WASH Project Implementation

We work to implement the various WASH target programs to Promote good health practices and effective health development activities

Conserve the environment

We have Volunteers on environmental conservation projects do hands-on work which has a direct impact on the preservation of environments around the Youth in Teso.
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Promote advocacy

We Promote advocacy for women and girls’ rights in the community whilst upholding gender equality.

Developing the Youth

Develop youth’s physical, mental and financial capacities with particular emphasis on poverty
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Promote youth 's and girl’s

Educate the Youth on sexual and reproductive health through capacity building especially on matters related to menstrual hygiene, teenage pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS.

Build up life vocational skills

Our Projects on entrepreneurial skills to train youth for self-employment in carpentry, tailoring and garment cutting, agribusiness skills, poultry farming, piggery and etc
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Empowering | Training |Supporting |Advocating |No Discrimination | Valuing the Youth in Teso

Core Values

  • Equity
  • Selfless service
  • Humility
  • Accountability
  • Enhance utilization of local resources
  • Environmental soundness


YWAFT Resources

Our focus

Sustainable development
Democratic governance and peacebuilding
Climate and disaster resilience

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