Promoting girl child right

Ensuring that girls have a right to stay at school, complete education, access sanitary pads, facilities, and information unconditionally, and attain skills on proper Menstrual Sanitation and Hygiene Management (MSHM).

High-quality programmes for girls

YWAFT delivers the results by combining high-quality programmes at scale, harnessing innovation and collecting evidence, in partnership with district authorities, civil society, the private sector, communities, children, women and the youth.

Leveraging change in Teso sub-region

YWAFT leverages change in Teso sub-region through training, advocacy, radio talk-shows communication and campaigning. It will lobby public support, encouraging people to volunteer, advocate and mobilize resources both in-kind and material support as well as funds for the course of girls.

Inclusive and equitable quality education

Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all including girls.

  • Striving to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
  •  Promoting girl children rights and protection from forced teenage marriage, exploitation, unplanned pregnancies but stay at school and complete education.

Training of girls

Training 2,500 girls at-risk, married, formerly married, school drop-outs and child mothers in vocational, life and livelihood skills (tailoring and garment cutting, making reusable sanitary pads..