Women's Empowerment in Teso

Advocacy for women and girls’ rights in the community whilst upholding gender equality.

Unlock Powerful Potential

Engage with communities to promote behavior change, increase demand for quality services and support social norms that contribute to the realization of child rights and women directly and through systems development and strengthening.

Inclusion in Education

The private sector has a critical role to play in helping to improve the lives of children and women at-risk in Teso sub-region. Over the next four years, YWAFT will deepen our engagement and strengthen our ability to leverage the power of business and markets to benefit vulnerable children and women at-risk. 

Gender-responsive programming

Strengthen gender-responsive programming of our work, recognizing the special challenges faced by girls at school child-mothers, school drop-out and married and unmarried women. This includes encouraging school girls to stay at school to complete education, preventing teenage marriage and gender-based violence, as well as providing menstrual hygiene, sanitation management skills and services.

Versatile, safe and secure knowledge and information systems

As YWAFT strengthens its position as a knowledge enhancer and advocate for the most vulnerable girls and women at-risk, the Strategic Plan requires continued investment in digital platforms that can help increase public engagement, fundraising and volunteerism.